Goods named Dangerous Goods (DG) or Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) include different chemicals, blends of substances, made items or articles which can represent a danger to individuals, creatures or the earth if not legitimately took care of being used or in transport.

Numerous items that we come into contact with once a day can be considered as risky to our wellbeing, particularly in the event that we come into contact with them. The bundling of substances that have touchy, concoction, radioactive or natural properties has necessary impact in the transportation of such things, as this keeps their superfluous presentation to people and other living organisms. As a completely authorized and affirmed Dangerous Goods handler, Blueberry has its own particular devoted DG taking care of territory inside its distribution center limits, furnished with a specialist group of committed and very qualified DG workforce to handle every one of its clients DG necessities. These offices are reached out to both Dubai and Sharjah in perspective of giving opportune treatment of all DG shipments. The administration offerings incorporate repackaging of DG shipments according to IATA DG directions for Air shipments, and IMO controls for Ocean shipments and cover any DG or Hazardous materials grouped products.